Jesse Black

     Jesse, A Chattanooga, Tennessee native, is a 20 year old artist known for his bluesy tone and old fashioned style. He got his start playing CCR, The Eagles, The Beatles, and Led Zepplin among others. He began diving into more blues music around 14 when he got his real start playing small venues across the Southeastern United States.
     As he matured he took influence from more recent artists such as: John Mayer, Isaiah Rashad, Mac Demarco, Travis Scott, and Tame Impala. This influence started to develop his signature laid back Psychadelic, Blues, and R&B influenced sound. 
     Jesse has 2 released projects available on music platforms. The first, "Lane Switch", is his debut album and displays a wide influence of sounds from rock to blues to country. His second project, "B-Sides" hints at a new direction with a relaxed bluesy feel and simple, vibe rich self-production.
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